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Winsor & Newton : Drawing Ink : 14ml : Black (Watersoluble)

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Fast drying, water-soluble & transparent, this allows the overlaying of different colors for attractive optical color mixtures. All the colors are water-soluble except Liquid Indian Ink Gold and Silver.

They are formulated from a series of soluble dyes in a superior shellac solution. These inks can be applied with brush, dip pen or airbrush and are widely used by designers, calligraphers and artists as well as illustrators.

The colors can be easily diluted with water to reduce the strength of the color or to increase it's transparency. Distilled water must be used as tap water causes the dye to separate from the binder.


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Product Code GWD754
Weight 0.064000
To use with Ink
Quality Excellent
Size 14 ml
Transparency N/A
Colour Lightfast N/A
Animal Derived Ingredient N/A


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