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Winsor & Newton : Designer Gouache Paint : 14ml : Brilliant Yellow

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Color number/code: 055 Series number: 3 Chemical description: Arylamide yellows RN color index name: PY65/PY74 color index number: 11740/11741 Permanence rating: A ASTM lightfastness rating: II Transparency/Opacity: SO

Good quality gouache color is a combination of pigment and gum arabic. Gum arabic is the binder that holds the pigment, giving it that perfect creamy 'flowing' consistency. (NB some cheaper brands may have chalk added to the pigment which in turn effects the 'flow and the brilliance of color'). As a result of the high level of pigmentation Winsor & Newton Designers Gouache dries to a matt finish. This reduces the reflection when photographing the work.

Every color within the range has an individual formulation to take advantage of each and every pigment characteristic and ensure tube stability.

One of the natural attributes of gum arabic - the binder used in Designers Gouache is that it is quick drying. This faster drying allows quick working techniques and preliminary sketching to be done. Also as with water color, work can be finished quickly and as a result travelling with work is made much easier.


RRP $19.49
Product Code WDG14055
Weight 0.035000
To use with Gouache
Quality Excellent
Size 14 ml
Transparency Semi Opaque
Colour Lightfast Good
Animal Derived Ingredient N/A


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