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Michael Harding : Balsam Resin Glaze Medium

Available in 100ml and 250ml.


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Lascaux : Medium 3 : 250ml : Satin Matt

Lascaux Medium 3 dries to a water-resistant satin finish. Increases yield and also serves as a satin varnish for works on flexible substrates.


Lascaux : Pouring Medium : 250ml

Lascaux Pouring Medium provides a crystal clear, glossy and scratch-resistant surface. Added to acrylic colours it increases adhesion and resistance.


Chelsea Classical Studio : Clarified Extra Pale Cold Pressed Linseed Oil : 4oz (118ml)

Use this Linseed Oil to brighten up your fine oil paintings, improve the acidity and decrease the drying time.



Chelsea Classical Studio : Clarified Fat Medium Lavender : 4oz (118ml)

This clarified fat medium is rich, glossy, decreases drying time and is for use in 'Fat over Lean' technique



Chelsea Classical Studio : Clarified Pale Cold Pressed Walnut Oil : 4oz (118ml)

This hand cleaned and purified walnut oil improves richness and brightness of whites and light colors



Chelsea Classical Studio : Clarified Lean Medium Lavender : 4oz (118ml)

This clarified lean medium decreases drying time and is for use in the early stages of a painting




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