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Lyptus Easels

Lyptus - Wood Aztec Easel
Lyptus - Wood Aztec Easel - FREE SHIPPING! This adjustable H-frame easel folds flat for easy storage. The bottom tray adjusts with the mast and a wood clamp unit keeps it al secure.
- Maximum canvas height: 51"
- Maximum easel height: 98"
- Compact easel height: 58""
- Base: 20"W by 20.1"D; Folds flat.
Lyptus - Wood Dulce Easel
Lyptus - Wood Dulce Easel - FREE SHIPPING! The sliding mast moves independent of the painting tray, offering artists a greater variety of settings in which to work. By extending the mast to its highest point and leaving the painting tray in its lowest setting, artists are able to work on very large canvases. With its H-Frame construction and quad base, this easel offers great stability for working seated or standing. A slide and lock system adjusts the height.
- Maximum canvas height: 84"
- Compact Easel Height: 58"
- Extended Easel Height: 95"
Lyptus - Wood Bassett Easel
Lyptus - Wood Bassett Easel - FREE SHIPPING! This easel has a ratchet system for easy canvas height adjustment and goes past a vertical tilt. Base features leveling feet.
- Maximum canvas height: 39"
- Maximum easel height: 86"
- Compact easel height: 54.5"
- Base: 20.5"W by 21"D
- Tilts past vertical for pastels
- Center ratchet system adjusts height
- Base features leveling feet.
Lyptus - Wood Cascade Easel
Lyptus - Wood Cascade Easel - FREE SHIPPING! This varnished adjustable lyptus lyre easel features vertical tilt. Non-slip ratchet for easy canvas height adjustment. Fine furniture finish plus excellent stability.
- Maximum easel height: 85"
- Maximum canvas height: 49""
- Compact Easel Height: 67"
- Base: 35"W by 31"D
- Canvas holder: 23 1/2" by 2 1/2"
Lyptus - Wood Deluxe Table Top Easel
Lyptus - Wood Deluxe Table Top Easel This heavy-duty table easel can be used on any flat surface. It adjusts easily from a horizontal to a vertical position.
- Holds canvases up to: 40"
Lyptus - Wood Lobo Easel
Lyptus - Wood lobo Easel - FREE SHIPPING! Made of lyptus, this easel is fully adjustable and can be used horizontally for watercolor work, vertically for oils and acrylics, or tilted forward for pastels. The base shelf measures 21.75" by 28".
- Maximum canvas height: 44""
- Maximum easel height: 70"
- Base: 24"W by 28"D
- Horizontal table height: 34"
Lyptus - Wood Mantoya Easel
Lyptus - Wood Mantoya Easel - FREE SHIPPING! An adjustable A-frame easel that folds flat for easy storage. Ideal for use in dormitories, apartments and studios.
- Holds canvases up to: 46"
- Base: 26"W by 28"D
Lyptus - Wood Navajo Easel
Lyptus - Wood Navajo Easel This easel adjusts easily to a variety of positions for sitting or standing and folds flat for storage.
- Maximum canvas height: 41.5"
- Maximum easel height: 58"
- Base: 27.5"W by 22"D