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Gianni Maimeri Book
Gianni Maimeri (1884-1951) - From a Nocturnal to a Radiant Painting
LIMITED QUANTITIES AT THIS SPECIAL PRICE! This magnificent hardcover book presents the work of Gianni Maimeri (1884 - 1951) Gianni Maimeri was born in Varano, Italy in 1884 and studied in the great artistic centres of Venice and Milan. The First World War was still being fought during his first exhibit in Milan. Critics of the time took warmly to Maimeri, saying that he "successfully reflected the rapport between ambience and people without being subject to a mechanical realism, but rather combining reality with emotional intensity." From the beginning, Maimeri was regarded as one of Italy's most gifted artists and he presented himself as being both a dramatic and a lyrical painter. He aroused critical interest in his work, in which he sought to see clearly "the mystery of light, which is the primary source of vision." Retail: 39.00