Schmincke : Horadam Gouache Paint : 15ml : Chromium Oxide Green Brilliant

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Color Number/Code: 522, Series 2, Color index number: PG 18, Excellent Lightfastness, Semi-Opaque

Horadam Gouache offers excellent flow properties. The range of 48 finest gouache colors may be diluted with water and can also be mixed within the range. After drying it can be wetted and reworked on all types of absorbing and non-absorbing paper, carton and canvas. Due to the extra-fine pigment grain sizes these finest artists' colors can also be applied using a 0,15 mm fine airbrush.

Horadam Gouache's effect derives from the rich, opaque, pastel-like, intensive pigment layer.


RRP $22.16
Product Code WBS15522
Weight 0.032000
To use with Gouache
Quality Excellent
Size 15 ml
Transparency Semi-Opaque
Colour Lightfast Excellent
Animal Derived Ingredient N/A


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