Schmincke : Aqua Watercolour Lift-Off Medium : 60ml

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Schmincke Aqua Watercolor Lift-Off Medium is applied to watercolor paper before it is painted upon to allow dried color to be removed, modified or corrected. It is especially useful for watercolors that stain easily which ordinarily would be difficult to remove. The medium must be applied before color is applied. If you are using very soft, textured watercolor paper the medium will need to be applied purely, for papers which have a stronger sizing the medium should be thinned with water. Testing on a small area/scrap bit of paper before use is recommended. As the Lift-Off Medium dries to a water-insoluble film, it should not be mixed directly with watercolor paint in pans. Cleaning of brushes and tools is recommended soon after use with water and soap.

The Lift-Off Medium comes in a 60ml bottle. Read more about the Lift-Off Medium on our blog

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Using Schmincke Lift-Off Medium for Watercolours



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Product Code WSA708060
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To use with Watercolor
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