Old Holland

Old Holland : Damar Picture Varnish

4 sizes available.
Product Code: P-MOHDV

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Old Holland : Mediums : 100ml : Damar Picture Varnish MOHDV100 100 ml $26.40 $21.00
Old Holland : Mediums : 250ml : Damar Picture Varnish MOHDV250 250 ml $48.90 $39.00
Old Holland : Mediums : 500ml : Damar Picture Varnish MOHDV500 500 ml $78.65 $62.00
Old Holland : Mediums : 1000ml : Damar Picture Varnish MOHDV1000 1000 ml $140.95 $111.00


Old Holland Damar Picture Varnish is made from clear damar resin dissolved in white spirit.

Designed for protecting your painting after the paint has thoroughly dried (which can take up to one year), it provides a high-gloss, even finish. This varnish may yellow slightly over time.

4 sizes available.


Product Code P-MOHDV
To use with Oil
Quality Excellent


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