Old Holland

Old Holland : Bleached Linseed Oil

4 sizes available.
Product Code: P-MOHBLO

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Old Holland : Mediums : 100ml : Bleached Linseed Oil MOHBLO100 100 ml $18.85 $7.54
Old Holland : Mediums : 250ml : Bleached Linseed Oil MOHBLO250 250 ml $31.10 $12.44
Old Holland : Mediums : 500ml : Bleached Linseed Oil MOHBLO500 500 ml $54.50 $21.80
Old Holland : Mediums : 1000ml : Bleached Linseed Oil MOHBLO1000 1000 ml $96.60 $38.64


Old Holland Bleached Linseed Oil increases the fluidity and gloss of oil paints. Made by bleaching cold-pressed linseed oil, it yellows less than linseed oil, but dries slower. It can be diluted with turpentine and white spirit.

4 sizes available.


Product Code P-MOHBLO
To use with Oil
Quality Excellent


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