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Michael Harding : Damar Glaze Medium : 250ml

Product Code: OMPM2250
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Michael Harding Damar Glaze Medium is a traditional glaze medium that helps to adds depth and gloss to transparent colors. Dammar Glaze Medium in known for speeding the drying time of oil colors; use with slower-drying colors.

This is a 250ml jar of Michael Harding Damar Glaze Medium. Please note, this product is hazardous, and is subject to transport restrictions. It cannot be sent by air-mail. Some European destinations are available for road delivery, but this will normally increase the delivery cost.


RRP $37.37
Product Code OMPM2250
Weight 0.266000
To use with Oil
Shipping Restriction (Haz) Yes
Size 250 ml (8.5 oz)
Mediums : Gloss Gloss
Mediums : Viscosity Fluid
Mediums : Transparency Transparent
Mediums : Drying Speeds
Animal Derived Ingredient N/A


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