Liquitex : Professional : Pouring Medium : 946ml

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Prepare your colour for smooth, wet-look, craze-free pouring by lowering viscosity and increasing flexibility.
  • Gives even poured puddles and acrylic skins
  • Results in a smooth surface, with no crazing, cracking or bubbles
  • Dries to a high gloss, wet-look finish
  • Lowers viscosity of heavier body paints, giving increased flow
  • Extends your colour further without affecting acrylic stability


* Creates even puddles, poured sheets, and flowing applications of color.
* Does not craze, crack, or hold bubbles in the paint film upon drying.
* Retains high gloss and wet appearance when dry.
* Will not add transparency when mixed with color.
* Flexible, non-yellowing and water resistant when dry.


* Mix with Soft Body Acrylic Color to promote drying with a smooth, evenly colored film.
* Refer to Technique Card

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RRP $48.79
Product Code AX3903210
Weight 1.040000
To use with Acrylic, Pouring Technique
Quality Excellent
Size 946 ml (32 oz)
Mediums : Gloss Gloss
Mediums : Viscosity Very Fluid
Animal Derived Ingredient N/A


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