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Lascaux Tusche Wash

This tusche has handling qualities similar to ink and can be diluted to make gradated washes typical of stone lithography.

Lascaux Tusche Wash / spray

This tusche can be sprayed from a simple airbrush and is required if Lascaux Lift Solution is to be used.

Lascaux Tusche waterproof

Fast drying, waterproof and scuff resistant, this semi-viscous tusche has homogenous covering power and is useful for a broad range of painted marks. The diluted tusche dries to resemble ‘toad-skin’ washes usually found in zinc-plate lithography.

Lascaux Tusche water - soluble

This viscous tusche can be painted in a smooth even layer which can be scratched away to create delicate non-printing lines. It can also be used for a broad range of painted marks, offsetting and pattern-making. The diluted tusche dries to create characterful granular washes.

Lascaux Tusche soft-ground effect

This slow drying viscous tusche has been designed to produce effects similar to soft ground in traditional etching. Using this method soft non-printing drawings may be made and impressions of fabric, leaves, feathers and other collage materials may be taken. The tusche can also be used for a broad range of painted marks and can be drawn into with paint shapers and other tools. The diluted tusche dries to create granular washes.

Lascaux Lift solution

Lascaux Lift Solution is used in conjunction with Lascaux Tusche wash/spray. The method is similar to ‘sugar-lift’ in traditional etching, and the marks made with Lascaux Lift Solution resemble classic sugar-lift marks. When the Lascaux Lift Solution is used to make an autographic positive, the painted marks will be non-printing and the sprayed Tusche background will print.

Lascaux Tusche diluting liquid

A ready-to-use liquid for diluting Lascaux Tusches to alter their handling characteristics or to create delicate washes on positives.

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Product Code P-LAST
To use with Etching, Printmaking, Screen Printing




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