Lascaux : Tusche Waterproof : 500ml

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Lascaux Tusches are a unique range of innovative ready-to-use water-soluble painting materials specially designed for creating positives for light-sensitive printmaking processes. The positives can be used with water-based screenprinting, acrylic-resist etching, solar plate printing and traditional printmaking methods. The tusche marks will ultimately print.

Fast drying, waterproof and scuff resistant, this semi-viscous tusche has homogenous covering power and is useful for a broad range of painted marks. The diluted tusche dries to resemble "toad-skin" washes usually found in zinc-plate lithography.

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RRP $46.43
Product Code ALM50018022
Weight 0.726000
To use with Etching, Printmaking, Screen Printing
Quality Highest
Vegan Vegan
Size 500 ml
Animal Derived Ingredient None


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