Lascaux : Tusche Soft-Ground Effect : 500ml

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Lascaux Tusches are a unique range of innovative ready-to-use water-soluble painting materials specially designed for creating positives for light-sensitive printmaking processes. The positives can be used with water-based screenprinting, acrylic-resist etching, solar plate printing and traditional printmaking methods. The tusche marks will ultimately print.

This slow drying viscous tusche has been designed to produce effects similar to soft ground in traditional etching. Using this method, soft non-printing drawings may be made and impressions of fabric, leaves, feathers and other collage materials may be taken. The tusche can also be used for a broad range of painted marks and can be drawn into with paint shapers and other tools. The diluted tusche dries to create granular washes. Dry marks can be re-wet and altered.

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RRP $46.43
Product Code ALM50018024
Weight 0.634000
To use with Etching, Printmaking, Screen Printing
Quality Highest
Vegan Vegan
Size 500 ml
Animal Derived Ingredient None


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