Lascaux : Sirius : Fluid Watercolor Paint 85ml

7 colors available in 85ml.
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The Lascaux Sirius Primary System is based on five primaries instead of the usual three. These are: magenta, red, yellow, cyan and ultramarine plus black and white. The full range of colors can be mixed with ease and precision. Mixed in equal parts, the five primaries produce a neutral and vibrant black. Warm and cool tones can be defined logically since on either side a red and a blue can be differentiated.

The Sirius Primary System can be used in professions where the perceptual and sensual quality of color is essential: Fine Art and Design, Architectural and Interior Design, Color Theory, Art Education Classes and Art Therapy.

The specific advantages are:

* The System is easily used in practice, making it ideal for introductory courses, in schools and academies. A balanced color wheel can be intermixed, creating the entire spectrum with only a few hues.

* When adjusting the lightness and darkness of a hue, the color s intensity and consistency remain intact. Within the system, a wide range of subtle, vibrant and neutral greys can be mixed.

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View PDF Sirius "a new vision of color"

View PDF Sirius Color Mixing - Portraits

View PDF Sirius Color Mixing - Mountain Lake

Lascaux Sirius Primary Watercolours


Product Code P-LASSFW
Quantity : Pack Single
To use with Watercolor
Size 85 ml (2.87 oz)
Colour Lightfast Excellent




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