Lascaux : Screen Printing Paste : 5 Litre

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Adding Lascaux Screenprinting Paste to Lascaux colors enables one to work in silkscreen technique as part of a 100% water-based system. Provided one already works with Lascaux colors, no extra screen printing inks need to be purchased. This feature is especially practical for schools. Stencils and cleaning materials must be compatible with a water-based system.

Lascaux Screenprinting Paste also functions as a retarder, prolonging the drying time during printing and facilitating cleaning the screens. It also can be used as a retarder in painting.


RRP $194.89
Product Code ALM5L2049
Weight 5.535000
To use with Printmaking, Screen Printing
Quality Highest
Shipping Restriction (Haz) Yes
Vegan Vegan
Size 5000 ml
Animal Derived Ingredient None


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