Lascaux : Medium 2 : 250ml : Matt

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With the addition of Lascaux Medium Matt the surface sheen will become more matt. Due to its large particle size, this medium is not suitable as a protective finish. The dry surface is not scratch resistant. Medium Matt as well as Medium Satin Matt can be used in a mixture with Lascaux Medium Gloss to modify the desired degree of sheen. Medium Matt is very suitable for glazes on concrete. By adding acrylic colors, any desired tone of a matt glaze can be created. Colorless primings on canvas for subsequent acrylic painting can be done with Medium Matt.



RRP $27.29
Product Code ALM2502032
Weight 0.308000
To use with Acrylic
Vegan Vegan
Size 250 ml (8.5 oz)
Mediums : Gloss Matte
Animal Derived Ingredient None


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