Lascaux : Aquacryl Artists' Watercolor Paint

24 colors available in 85ml.
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Lascaux Aquacryl is an artist quality translucent paint. This is a hybrid that combines performance of an acrylic paint with the transparency and lightness of a watercolor. These water soluble colors can be used for delicate watercolor techniques or large-scale glazings. They consist of fine, pure, lightfast pigments, as well as water soluble, age-resistant acrylic resin.
When used at full-strength they handle like a smooth, fluid acrylic, resulting in a velvety matte finish. When diluted, they produce watercolor-like washes. They are easily water soluble for a limited time, as long as they are applied in thick layers. Thin applications can be painted over without being dissolved by subsequent layers.

Lascaux Gesso is recommended as a primer. To achieve a fine-grained texture, Lascaux Structura is especially suitable. By mixing with acrylic mediums, the paints become waterproof. Lascaux Aquacryl can be used in combination with acrylic paints for a mixed technique. Works can be permanently protected with Lascaux Fixative without causing any essential change to their character.


  • Highly versatile hybrid paint
  • Matt finish
  • Highly pigmented and economical
  • Fluid, transparent and luminous
  • Excellent miscibility
  • Lightfast, age-resistant and non-yellowing

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Product Code P-LASAQUA
Quantity : Pack Single
To use with Watercolor
Size 85 ml (2.87 oz)
Transparency Transparent


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