Lascaux : 5 Litre : Acrylic Sizing

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Pure acrylic resin dispersion stabilized with special protective colloids.

• thinnable with water
• flexible
• colorless
• lightfast and age resistant

• sealing with Lascaux Sizing increases the bonding of the following primer
• minimizes the penetration of the priming and paint layers to the back of the canvas
• makes the canvas impervious before applying primer.

For best results, the canvas should be mounted taut on the stretcher bars.For use with a brush, dilute Lascaux Sizing with the same amount of water and apply evenly. Take care that it does not sink through the canvas. Lascaux Sizing may be applied undiluted with a palette knife.The canvas may sag when the Sizing is dry, even though it was stretched taut while drying. This depends on the weight and weave of the canvas. In such cases, it is best to re-stretch the canvas before priming it.
Priming the canvas: when used on fibrous supports, the sizing should be left until it is completely dry and then rubbed down with very fine sandpaper or a
pumice stone.Acrylic primers such as Lascaux Primer, Lascaux Gesso or Lascaux Structura are ideal for acrylic, oil and watercolor painting. These age-resistant products will not become brittle. They are applied evenly with a soft brush in several coats, thinned with about 10-30% water, or undiluted with a palette knife. Lascaux Sizing should not be used below the temperature of +8°C (+46°F).

Approx. 80 ml/m2 per coat, depending on the support and application.


RRP $223.63
Product Code ALM5L2005
Weight 5.400000
To use with Oil, Acrylic
Quality Highest
Shipping Restriction (Haz) Yes
Vegan Vegan
Size 5000 ml
Animal Derived Ingredient None


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