Jackson's Icon Brush Set B700-8,702-1/2,777-2

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This set contains three brushes from the Icon range and will enable you to get painting right away.
  • Handle Length: Short


This Jackson's Icon brush set contains three brushes from the Icon range, supplied in a card-backed plastic wallet.

The first is a Series 777 quill (size two). A synthetic quill is used for the ferrule of the brush, instead of a natural feather quill, and then wires are bound around it to hold it to the handle. This makes the Series 777 a more durable brush than the equivalent natural quill brushes.

The second brush is a B700 Sable-Synthetic blend round (Size 8) and the final brush is a Series 702 1/2 inch flat brush, perfect for smooth washes. These brushes are both made from a mix of sable and synthetic fibres. They offer a durable alternative to traditional sable brushes.


RRP $19.80
Product Code BJSET006
Weight 0.035000
To use with Watercolor, Gouache, Ink
Brush : Technique General
Sets & Packs Set
Vegan Non Vegan
Brush Hair : Type Synthetic
Brush : Handle Short
Animal Derived Ingredient N/A


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