Jackson's : Black Hog Bristle Brush : Filbert : No.12

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Jackson's Black Hog Bristle Mottler Brush is an excellent quality natural hair brush that allows for good all over coverage.
  • Hair Type: Hog Black
  • Shape: Filbert
  • Hair Width: 24 mm
  • Hair Length: 38 mm
  • Handle Length: Long


These black bristle hog brushes are truly beautiful. Similar in look to the black sable but with slightly stiffer hair and considerably less expensive.

These natural hair brushes have the softness, touch, spring and control of a top quality brush. Interlocked hair, silver-colored ferrule and matt black handle.

'Jackson?s Black Hogs are different - not rudimentary but sophisticated in so many ways - a class act. When you pick up a brush the first thing you notice is the balance. It sits perfectly in the hand and the fulcrum, or balance point, is a third of the way up the handle...Black Hogs work well with oil and acrylic paint. Because of their springiness and ability to leave marks but are slightly malleable, they suit both media for slightly different reasons. I am a great believer in trying out a brush type to see if it suits my process and I have used Jackson's Black Hogs across oil and acrylic work with great success.' - Max Hale, Artist, Painter & Tutor, Painters Online.


RRP $15.50
Product Code B33512
Weight 0.036000
To use with Oil, Acrylic
Brush : Hair Type Extra Hog Black
Brush : Stiffness Very Stiff
Brush : Technique General, Blending
Brush Series 335
Brush : Hair Width Range 21 - 50 mm
Brush : Size # # 12
Quality Highest
Brush Hair : Type Hog
Brush : Shape Filbert
Brush : Hair Length mm 38 mm
Brush : Handle Long
Animal Derived Ingredient Animal Hair


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