Holbein : Artists' : Watercolour Paint : Half Pan : Porcelian Case Set of 12

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  • High-quality European style watercolour
  • Produced without ox-gall, animal by-products, or dispersing agents
  • Excellent colour density and brush control
  • Consistent creamy texture
  • Easily rewettable


Holbein watercolours produce brilliant transparent washes as well as powerful clean darks when used in more concentrated applications. A European style transparent watercolour, Holbein watercolour also preserves the brush handling qualities inherent in traditional Japanese watercolour techniques. Without ox-gall or other dispersing agents, Holbein watercolour moves slowly permitting greater colour density and brush control.

12 x Holbein Artists Watercolour half pans

1 x Dioxazine Violet
1 x Permanent Alizarin Crimson
1 x Vermillion Hue
1 x Imidazolone Yellow
1 x Viridian Hue
1 x Cobalt Blue Pale
1 x Sap Green
1 x Prussian Blue
1 x Yellow Ochre
1 x Burnt Sienna
1 x Burnt Umber
1 x Ivory Black

1 x Retractable Travel Brush (approx. size 8)
1 x Porcelain Case

Measurements: 150 x 100 x 35mm

Please note: due to trading agreements we are unable to ship this product to the US and Canada.


RRP $278.00
Product Code WBSPN693
Weight 0.738000
To use with Watercolor
Sets & Packs Set
Size 15 ml (0.5 oz)
Transparency Refer to single colours
Colour Lightfast Excellent
Animal Derived Ingredient Ivory Black PBk 9 – Carbonised Bone


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