Holbein : Artists' : Gouache Paint : 5ml : Intro Set of 5

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Extra-fine and brilliant artist s opaque watercolors.
As with their watercolors, Holbein have produced a gouache of exceptional quality. They grind their gouche more finely than others adding little or no opaque agents to their color. The result is an Artist/Designer Gouache with no equal. The pigments used have been chosen for exeptional saturation and the ability to mix freely without loss of brilliance, opacilty or hue value in combination with other colors. The colors will give consistent results without darkening or muddiness, they will not bleed or crack and offer absolute opacity when laid over the other.


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Product Code WGBSET1
Weight 0.060000
To use with Gouache
Sets & Packs Set
Size 5 ml (0.17 oz)
Transparency Refer to single colours
Colour Lightfast Refer to single colours
Animal Derived Ingredient Oxgall – Animal Digestive Liquid


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