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Da Vinci : Casaneo : Synthetic Watercolour Brush : Series 5597 : Slanted Edge : Size 10

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Da Vinci Casaneo Watercolour brushes are made from synthetic Kazan squirrel hair and are springy with great paint holding capacity.
  • Hair Type: Synthetic
  • Shape: Angle
  • Handle Length: Short


The Da Vinci Casaneo Slanted Brushes are additions to the Da Vinci Casaneo line, they are made with a specially developed incredibly soft synthetic fibres. These have been designed to mimic Kazan squirrel hair and have amazing elasticity and an extraordinarily high color absorbing capacity. This allows smooth, elastic brush strokes and precise painting.

The slanted brush head has been designed so that you can smoothly apply fine details without clogging or the brush drying up mid way through working and can create marks that seamlessly widen or narrow allowing you more control.

  • Extra soft synthetic hairs
  • Accurately mimics the qualities of Kazan squirrel
  • High color holding capacity and excellent elasticity
  • Allows for exact detailed marks, while having an incredible color holding capacity that is gradually released
  • Fine pointed and allows easy variation of the width of one line seamlessly
  • Bristles hold their form perfectly
  • Measurements: brush head diameter 8.2mm, hair length 27mm, total length of brush 240mm


RRP $38.85
Product Code BV559710
Weight 0.011000
To use with Watercolour
Brush : Hair Type Extra Synthetic
Brush : Technique General
Brush : More Shapes Slant
Brush Series 5597
Brush : Size # # 10
Quality Highest
Vegan Vegan
Brush Hair : Type Synthetic
Brush : Shape Angle
Brush : Handle Short
Animal Derived Ingredient None


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