Acrylic Paint Sets

With sets of Lascaux, Golden, Sennelier and Jackson’s acrylic paint you will always be able to find a set designed specifically for your needs, whether you’re just starting out, starting to work with higher quality paints or just want to boost your already full collection with accent colours.

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Liquitex : Professional Heavy Body Paint Sets

A range of sets available for beginner or experienced acrylic artists.

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Liquitex : Professional : Heavy Body : 22ml : Classics Set of 6

This Classics set is a great introduction to Liquitex's range of Professional Heavy Body Acrylic.











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Golden : Fluid : Acrylic Paint : 30ml (1oz): Set of 10

This set offers a selection of 10 Golden Professional Fluid Acrylic Colours that are fundamental to artists working with fluid viscosity acrylics.