Our brushes are divided up into different mediums, because each type of paint requires a different kind of brush. The thinner the paint the softer the brush, and the  greater the need for good liquid holding capacity. Thick paint usually works well with a stiffer hair.

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Silver Brush : Ruby Satin : Synthetic Brush : Series 2528S : Filbert Grass Comb : Size 1/4 in

Ruby Satin is a high-quality synthetic brush with the shape and feel of natural interlocked bristles. The Filbert Grass Comb is excellent for producing texture effects such as foliage, hair, grass, and more.



Silver Brush : Ultra Mini : Golden Taklon Brush : Series 2400S : Pointed Round : Size 20/0

The Ultra Mini 2400S Pointed Round is excellent for painting lines, dots, dashes and fine detail.