Lascaux : Acrylic Gouache

Lascaux Gouache is a unique acrylic-modified tempera paint for use in art and design as well as in education. This colour programme consists of 34 balanced hues, including silver and gold. Lascaux Gouache is characterised by its purity, brilliance, depth of colour and lightfastness. • Highly concentrated • Lightfast, permanent and non-yellowing • Dries to a velvety, elastic water-soluble finish • Thick and smooth consistency • Excellent covering power • Hues remain intensive even when heavily diluted • Adheres well to various supports • Barely lighter in colour when dry • Highly concentrated and extremely yielding Lascaux Gouache can be applied to all absorbent materials - eg. paper, cardboard, canvas, wood, plaster etc. Because it is highly concentrated this paint retains its intensity even when diluted 1:1 or more. Thus, this tempera colour can be applied undiluted and opaque or diluted with water to obtain different glazings in any desired shade. Thanks to a special binder, Lascaux Gouache applies with unusual ease and suppleness. A previous layer of colour can be over painted at any time without being dissolved by a subsequent paint layer.

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