Holbein : Duo-Aqua

The Worlds First Artist Quality Water Soluble Oil ColourDUO Aqua Oil is an artist quality pigment in water-soluble linseed oil with all the handling characteristics of traditional oil and so much more.DUO is a wonderfully versatile product manufactured to Holbein standards of production control, reliability, light fastness, colour vigor and technique handling control.DUO reproduces the characteristics of traditional oil colour. It finishes with the same texture and brush strokes.DUO is available in 80 high chroma colours, 75 of which offer optimum permanence with 24 phthalo and quinacridone pigments but without the use of heavy metal and other toxic ingredients.DUO eliminates the odor of solvent from the studio and brushes. Stainless knives and palette clean up with water.DUO will dry in as little as 24 hours. Drying uniformity allows the Artist and Designer greater efficiency and more orderly planning for overcoating, texturing and correcting. The drying capabilities are not diminished by a cold environment.DUO offers the opportunity for mixed media results. For Artists and Designers using transparent watercolour, gouache and acrylic, blending with DUO will result in a variety of differing results (when mixing with acrylic add a few drops of water to avoid separation).DUO handles like a professional oil colour, yet it can be thinned or cleaned up with water. To make Duo identical in every respect to its traditional professional grade, Holbein developed a unique additive which works as a surface active agent. Any residue of this additive loses its effectiveness once the oil colour is dry.Mix DUO Aqua Oils with other media, such as watercolour, gouache, or acrylic paints. Experiment with mixing media for a variety of effects. For example, DUO can be mixed with waterbased metallic, pearl, and interference colours that are unavailable in a traditional oil palette. Holbein accepted a more limited 80-colour range for DUO Aqua, and eliminated heavy metal pigments to insure a non-toxic result.

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